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Posts From the Past!

They are listed in reverse chronological order. They are here for your amusement or to blackmail me with written proof of something I said at some later date.





Nebulizers: Why They Suck and Blow  Original Post Date 11-15-2019

Bronchitis requires a machine through which you inhale these vaporized little steroidal potions. Due to this medical treatment, I couldn’t join a professional sports team if I wanted to.

*COUGH COUGH SNIFFLE*  Original Post Date 11-9-2019

What do you get when you mix a cry baby with a bronchial infection? ME! Oh, and I dyed my hair black… Deal with it.

Nano-Nano!  Original Post Date 11-1-2019

I don’t know how many of you remember Mork and Mindy but this little titular homage is not to be read as indicative of any kind of association with that esteemed rom-com. 🙂

So Much Update!  Original Post Date 10-31-2019

I finished a month of work. I finished my WIP! I got a foster kitten. I got three new book ideas and picked one to start tomorrow!

Wrap Up Choices  Original Post Date 10-25-2019

Cast your vote in the poll on my Patreon to help me decide what next steps to take to finish up my WIP.

Procrastination  Original Post Date 10-21-2019

What happens when the next scenes are emotionally challenging to write? You guessed it. Avoidance, guilt and finally forcing myself to just do it. And it turned out great.

Ugh, I’m Sick  Original Post Date 10-19-2019

The weather dropped 30 degrees overnight and I got hit with sinus congestion and ick. Great! I’m officially sick. But, I’d be super bored if all I did was convalesce.

I Found a Stick!  Original Post Date 10-15-2019

My quest to quit smoking but keep smoking, my best idea yet for Patreon and the friends I want to make.

Birthday Season!  Original Post Date 10-14-2019

My daughter’s birthday, my eldest son’s coming up and the woes of working for money, again.

When the Flow of Words Slows  Original Post Date 10-10-2019

I am stuck slogging through what will be a pivotal scene and is really important but it is heavy with things that I don’t deal with in my own life too often. Getting there.

Laundry Day  Original Post Date 10-7-2019

There is something about knowing that I have a bunch of clean clothes that smell good and are not covered in dog hair that I can put on at any time that I voluntarily decide to actually leave my house. Plus I wrote 12,392 words in one sitting. And man are they good.

Working on Saturday  Original Post Date 10-5-2019

Getting some work done, hanging with the kid and his gang, meet-cutes and the Beta Saga.

I Got a Beta!  Original Post Date 10-2-2019

Getting writing and stuff back on track. Plus, I started a Beta Read!

Deadline Achieved  Original Post Date 9-26-2019

September is over! Now what?

Crossing the Deadline  Original Post Date 10-1-2019

No one should ever have the September I had.


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