About Me

My name is Amy Norton. I am also known as Ubriel Bryne and Jami Lee Montgomery. I have been a storyteller since my little sister was born and suddenly gave me a basically captive audience. Then, we started receiving cousins. I started telling them stories at night, like bedtime stories; only, they must have tended toward horror, because I got into a lot of trouble for giving them nightmares and keeping them awake. I started writing when I was nine years old after my mother presented me with a notebook and a set of pens. I used them to journal, at first. Then, I started tweaking the journal entries to make things turn out a little more to my liking.

As the years went on, my wish-fulfillment stories developed and grew and became an expression of my imagination. I got inspiration from the same places I do now; dreams, odd encounters with random people, off-hand comments in commercials, songs, radio, or various conversations. Occasionally, I would get a bug up my butt about some injustice or stupidity in the world and write an editorial article for the school paper.

Eventually, I got my first computer and started typing up all of my previously hand-written stories. I was a little astounded by the sheer number of them and not just a little bit disappointed by the lack of quality in most of them. I started reworking them and editing those old stories. They inevitably got better and I eventually realized this is what I want to do with my life. It took a couple of decades of life distractions before I was able to carve out some regular writing time.

Those life distractions came in the form of bills to pay and jobs to pay for them and a family to raise. I have three gorgeous children and I hope to have a few equally gorgeous and far less time-consuming grandchildren in the upcoming years. Now, I have two dogs and a cat and a Beta fish. My dedicated writing time is precious and protected and my lifestyle is designed, as best I can make it, to respect that time. When I am not writing or researching or ensconced in my day job, I enjoy kayaking, fishing, hiking and occasionally foraging for wild edibles and mushrooms. I enjoy doing those things in new and distant locations as well. As soon as a certain modern day plague

It is my goal to eventually move to a much more northern climate. I hope to be able to be a full-time author and editor, self-employed, at that time. I want a loft office with a big picture window to look out upon the world. It would be nice if it smells nice, too. For now, I am a professional editor with a legal Code publishing company. It is the greatest company I have ever worked for.

If there is anything else you would like to know, please drop me a line and I will be sure to answer. I will post all really good questions as addendums here! You can always send me an email, or chat with me on Reddit at r/UbrielBryneBooks, on Facebook at /ubrielbrynebooks or on instagram at /ubrielbryne20; or you can Tweet me at ubrielbryne20. All of these are linked below.




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