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SERVICE: Developmental Edit

[This edit] is just brilliant in every way, every single comment. I’m just sitting here nodding my head thinking how much I am agreeing what you are saying. ..it is exactly what I want, and SO valuable to me to get to what I want to get to eventually with the final narrative… I read the spelling and grammar one second, and I was just kinda like, “But I’m going to change all that.”.So, thank you, thank you…I would love if you could do this with me, and you are brilliant…and the first one [Developmental Edit] is what I need right now…and did I mention how thrilled and grateful I am feeling? 🙂 Your advice has been extraordinary…every single suggestion that you have given me I felt has breathed life and color and dimension into these characters–you care about them, and it makes me want to be and do so much better with them when I see how you are expanding my vision…so, I want to do a good job of that. A+! Above that if I could. 🙂 I’m thrilled with all the suggestions, and can see the difference in the paragraphs that I go over with your suggestions…and again, thank you thank you!!!

T.B. in Gainesville

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