Deadline Achieved

September 27–October 1, 2019

I barely remember the last four days. This is probably the worst deadline I have had in the last several years. The work load and the work itself was so intense, I know I had some time with my family but I can’t really remember alot of it. I did not sleep enough. But it is over now and I took notes about the things I wanted to say in review.

WIP Revisions

I did not work alot on my WIP. I did spend an hour or so reviewing a recent scene that i wasn’t happy with. On reviewing it, it wasn’t as awful as I had feared but I just made a few notes about how to bring it up a few notches instead of trying to make the changes when I felt full of brain fog.

WIP Research

I actually feel like I need to stop researching or at least narrow my research at this point. I don’t really need to keep looking for things like agent and publishing information at this time. I will get stuck, second-guessing my own work to the point that I can’t move on with the manuscript. So, I am turning off the lit lessons and diving back into what I know happens in the world I am creating.

WIP Words Written (brainstorm counts)

Probably about ten original words in the last 4 days. I have to take the “out” of the deadline excuse. Trying to be creative when every brain cell is literally burned out is not helping anyone.

AW Mingling

I have a couple of nibbles on my ad to be a beta reader. Nothing submitted to me yet. I am still waiting to hear or receive a full manuscript, so I am still available for betas.


I saw, during my work breaks, a few interesting posts on Reddit. I even answered a couple. Unfortunately, now I can’t find any of them… What I can remember about them is one questioned “Choosing a POV” which I think really depends on the story. For myself, a story is being told to me in my head and I choose the POV that I hear in my mind. I often feel like I am being used like a transcriptionist.

“Writing Exercises” was another post that caught my attention. I like taking news articles or every-day scenes and writing them as if they are part of a larger fiction. I also like to write mundane scenes with extreme importance on describing a single sensory experience. Like sound or feeling or taste of the scene.

When I came across “AI cliches” I was very excited to give an opinion. I believe my opinion is not only correct but I think it is a relatively popular perspective. I don’t like the overused concepts like TIn Man or Pinocchio or Robot Overlords. These are not only overused, they are ridiculous. Unless you can make a good argument in the story about what would motivate an AI to fall into these traps, I would prefer to read about how an AI as its own new and unique society or minority chooses to explore their world.

There are so many talented imaginations out there. I hope to spend more time interacting with everyone in the social media spaces.

The Day Job

I actually took a day off to catch up on sleep and personal life stuff. My new assignment for October is going to hopefully be less demanding. It is large and that in itself will be a challenge. I am determined to relegate my day job to staying in the 7 to 4 block of the weekdays. I want my weekends and evenings back.

Sorry it is so short and choppy today but I really still need a bunch of sleep. Cya soon!

Ɛ|3  Amy