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Nebulizers: Why They Suck and Blow

November 15, 2019 Some crazy genius needs to invent vats that can grow new bodies for people… whole ones. The body I have has been broken or failing in one way or another since before it was born. (Very long list. Just take my… Continue Reading “Nebulizers: Why They Suck and Blow”


November 9, 2019 I somehow lost the last five days of my life. It’s not a real mystery. It is a result of getting sick. Catching illness. Succumbing to germ warfare. I got bronchitis. Its a hideous thing that starts as a sinus pain… Continue Reading “*COUGH COUGH SNIFFLE*”


November 1, 2019 NaNoWriMo started today. I have never done Nano before. i am not sure if I am just buying into the “hype” or if there is something truly special about the November writing challenge. I had to take Weemy in to the… Continue Reading “Nano-Nano!”

So Much Update!

October 31, 2019 I haven’t posted in a few days because I was literally COMPELLED to write in all my spare time. **source of compulsion amorphous and unknown, moving on…** Also, today is October Deadline, of course. I got a questionably sane amount of… Continue Reading “So Much Update!”

Wrap Up Choices

October 24, 2019 I think I have beaten back the sniffles (for the most part) now, and my task list is basically empty again at work. I still have so much of my main assignment to get done and deadline is 7 days away,… Continue Reading “Wrap Up Choices”