November 9, 2019

I somehow lost the last five days of my life. It’s not a real mystery. It is a result of getting sick. Catching illness. Succumbing to germ warfare. I got bronchitis. Its a hideous thing that starts as a sinus pain and sniffle and a cough and turns into a rattle in the lungs. Then, if you stay stubborn and try to ignore it away, it becomes pneumonia and tries to kill you. I was diagnosed at the rattling lungs stage and given medicines that taste worse than the stuff I was coughing up. But I am better now.


Oh… and I dyed my hair black. I threatened to do it a month ago and no one believed me. So, I waited till they forgot. I knew they had forgotten because I forgot as well. Then, I remembered and did it before anyone woke up. It took them an incredibly long time to notice. Apparently the darkness of my aura makes it hard to see the strawberry blond of my normal hair.

WIP Words Written

Beginning 9,151—Ending 15,789—Total Words Written 6,638

Over the course of the week, I managed to get 300 or 400 words on average into the story. That is a severe decline from the several thousand a day that is my custom. Including those and the ones I wrote today when I finally was able to sit and get back to it, I am back to my normal pace. This story is giving me hell though. I am not connecting with the characters like I want to and I suspect it is because I got sick almost immediately after trying to start to get to know them. I know where the story is going and I know that the writing is interesting if not of the depth that I am accustomed to. It is not my normal kind of story, which makes it a challenge and good for me in the long run.

Patreon Content

Chapter three of the Andran Company went live last weekend, sometime just before I fell ill. I don’t think I credited myself with it here and I appear to have forgotten to credit my second day of Nanowrimo writing here as well. I am more angry about getting sick than anything. My brain stops functioning properly when I am ill and I lose track of time and things stop following a logical progression. I kind of want to throw things. maybe kick a passing clump of grass. But yep, Chapter three went up and Chapter four will be up in a day or two.

The Day Job

While sick, I managed to keep working at about half speed. It makes me want to lie on my back and kick and scream at the unfairness. I wasn’t working but I definitely wasn’t on a vacation. So angry. But I will put the time and the work in over the weekend and still close out the pay period with a full check and all my hours so when I get good and ready to go on a real vacation, I will have all that leave time at my disposal. Goodnight!

Ɛ|3  Amy