November 1, 2019

NaNoWriMo started today. I have never done Nano before. i am not sure if I am just buying into the “hype” or if there is something truly special about the November writing challenge. I had to take Weemy in to the vet’s office today because the cast on her itty leg was slipping and making it difficult to keep her clean. They decided to remove the cast entirely and put her on a bone-knitting formula. She is much happier. She wants to walk on it so she has been put in a kennel time-out for a few weeks to keep her from making the fragile bone fracture again. She was also prescribed daily sunshine time. That means I have to take her out into the world for 10 or 15 minutes each day. Such an onerous job…

WIP Words Written

Beginning 000—Ending 4,279—Total Words Written 4,279

It feels odd to have the counter start over at 0 again. I don’t think I have ever really kept count before.

The Day Job

Due to Weemy’s emergency trip to the vet, I had to leave work early today. You know what that means! Yep. Saturday on the clock. yay… I was all set to have a full weekend free and to myself. Oh well. I am working on a kind of oddball Code this month. It is the second part of the contract with the city I worked with last month. Normally we just codify the ordinances of a municipality and pat them on the head and hand them a book. This one, is the Code and a Book of Regulations. It is kind of like a big book of specific measurements and fees and such. All of the technical details that govern permits and licenses and building and roadway sizes. Not really fascinating stuff but I find that there is an undeniable sense of satisfaction in just getting it all organized and readable and looking nice. I will have to schedule my day tomorrow so that I can get at least 2k words in on my WIP and finish writing up the next installment of the Andran Company for Patreon after my work day is done. Tonight, I am going to dye my hair black!

Ɛ|3  Amy