Nebulizers: Why They Suck and Blow

November 15, 2019

Some crazy genius needs to invent vats that can grow new bodies for people… whole ones. The body I have has been broken or failing in one way or another since before it was born. (Very long list. Just take my word for it.) A few things have become less of an issue over the years due to things like Claritin and online shopping and yoga pants. Other things are new and keep cropping up like milk allergies, insulin resistance and 4000 ppm C02 atmosphere… So, my latest crisis of pain and purple sadness is bronchitis. At least it wasn’t pneumonia again. The doctor gave me a brand new shiny machine called a nebulizer and told me to use it… 10 times a day. O.O

The gross little potions I have to put in the thing and suck deep into my lungs make all the things that used to taste like dirt, now taste like dirt-covered ass. My heart races and my ears feel like their is a baby with its fists shoved in my ear canals. If there was a simpler description of the sensation, I would be giving it to you. My face and wrists look like they are being blown up like a balloon and there are dark black semi circles sitting under my eyes.

I feel like poo.

BUT! I am told, I am getting better. So, maybe this time next month I will be able to breath and the swelling in my face and extremities will have subsided. I am a little bitter about it all right now. The best I can do is follow the doctor’s directions and try to rest when I can. I am trying to keep up with my writing goals and, even though it is really hard, it is the highlight of each day. My current book is likely to require way more revision than I would really like but revisions are easier than drafting, at least for me.

WIP Words Written

begin 25,527—end 29,529—total words written 4,002

At the moment, the M-MC is reaching his point of personal revelation a little faster than I had anticipated. He is starting to feel the glimmers of conflicting thought patterns and it is making him have funny little arguments with himself. Trying to describe a boy’s crush without making him sound like a girl with broad shoulders is turning out to be a challenge for this particular manchild. The F-MC is softening/thawing nicely. She is about to get hit with her own personal revelation crisis which is going to crash on her out of nowhere. I am kind of looking forward to it.

I think I have a mean streak, enjoying writing out the internal torment more than the external interactions that are effected by the torment. Either way, if they both survive it, they will come out the other side with more character and hope for their futures than either of them started out with.


I have basically done no mingling while I have been sick. Just keeping up at work and keeping up with writing has been all the challenge I can handle.

The Day Job

I have had to go on a split schedule at work to deal with all of the medication times and the work itself and the exhaustion that is requiring naps in the middle of the day. I was really hoping to be back at full capacity by now but here’s hoping that by Monday, I will be able to at least fake it. I have to say, though, I am kind of proud of how well I am doing at keeping work moving while I feel so awful. Yay! I don’t suck entirely.

Ɛ|3  Amy