Happy New Year 2020!

January 1, 2020

We are back! And by we, I mean I, of course. I have two new website designs that I want to try out. This two-tone brown one and one that is monochromatic grey and far less structured. I like the current design. It feels soft and comfy. If it starts to feel too rich, I will tone it down.

WIP Words Written

I was supposed to be resting from my recent illness and devoting my time to revamping this website. But I am an author. I of course worked on a new book. I will be giving a few more details in a later post. Suffice to say, I pulled an old project from the trunk and dusted it off. The major points were roughed out in about 20,000 words. I have spent a little time reviewing what has been waiting for my attention and adding a bit here and there and planning to draft it starting this upcoming Thursday.


I haven’t been on social media much during my sabbatical. I have actually spent a little time mingling in real life and in person. I am not wonderful at spending time with people outside of my stories. I get exhausted quickly. But once in a while I enjoy watching people interact. Whether it is friends or families or watching strangers in a mall or coffee shop, getting to observe natural behavior and conversation contributes to my writing.


The Andran Company Serial Fiction will have its first installment of 2020 on Friday, January 3. New editions will be every Friday thereafter. We have some exciting and fun adventures in store for all my Patrons.

Website Content

The most exciting upcoming content is planned for the Writing Aids & Guidance page. My favorite so far is my Planner for Working Writers. I use mine all the time. I feel like there is not alot of free organizational material available to the working writer to help divide time and resources and energy between earning a living and spending time writing. So, I created one.

I will also be sharing my sensory writing exercises and a few essays on some debatable writing theories.

The Day Job

The stress and worry at work for the last couple of months has been over the top. Today was deadline for December and, of course, I made deadline. The problem was that I was pulled from one assignment to another three times to pick up slack and bridge gaps. I am not so great with jumping from one thing to another over about two projects and maybe two more tasks.

I was on no less than four projects and about six tasks. So by the time I was able to start closing out one after the other, my head was spinning. I got very concerned that I missed something important in my primary job. I triple checked it before closing it out. But finally I did and was able to start working on January’s projects. I have New Year’s Day off, thankfully.

I intend to get some sleep and rest and … Man!… I can’t wait to get started on a regular writing schedule again.

Ɛ|3  Amy