Back to the Fantasy

JANUARY 2 through 5, 2020

The whole world is against the artist’s designated time to produce their art.


I am currently working on revising an old project. I wrote about half of the story a few years ago. Life happened and I had to shelve it along with several other projects. I have been pulling the projects out, one at a time. I completed the first of those back in October 2019. On this second project, I am implementing the changes and revisions that I decided on during my read-through. So far, I am about half-way through the second chapter.

I would be farther but it seems that the day job and my family suddenly decided to require more time. It feels very wrong to be a little irritable about my loved ones wanting to spend time with me. It seems it only happens when I am busy. That is probably a perception thing. You notice things when they cause you stress. Normally, I yearn for interaction with my children and husband. When work is particularly demanding, when it eats into my writing time, familial interaction just feels more difficult and taxing. I love them, but I am a classical introvert.

The current project is called The Regent’s Game. It is about a girl who was brought to our Earth as a political refugee when she was 3 years old. The story begins when she is almost 18. The regent of the world from which she comes implements a plan to seize power and have himself crowned king. Part of the plan involves a trap that pulls her into the regent’s world, while recruiting people from our world into serving in his personal army. Think along the lines of The Princess Diaries meets Ready Player One.

As it stands right now, the only challenge I have is in protecting my writing time. I have a plan. I should be able to reclaim my self-determination during my writing time if it all works the way I think it will. Look for a How-To Guide detailing how you can use the plan to reclaim your own designated time for whatever project you deign to be important and worth it.


On the 3rd, this past Friday, the latest chapter of the Adventures of the Andran Company was released for subscribed Patrons. The Company arrived in the city and Sol and Rana delivered their mysterious parcel. Next week, Cobol arrives at the palace.


The long-awaited very-short story, Salt, will be available for free download here on and free on Patreon, as well, to all Patreon visitors.


I have not really had the time to socialize with my family, not to mention the fun and entertaining folks on the Facebook, the Twitter and the Reddit. I plan to check in with Absolute Write before sleeping, and next week, I will start making SocMed posts regularly. I promise!
Personally, I get very grumpy when I don’t get enough time to write without interruption. I know exactly where this story is going. I can get it there without much extra time or effort. I have a plan to take back my writing time. The first part of the plan involves getting my sleep schedule moved to accommodate getting the day job finished each day before writing time. Then, I will get my housework, grooming, pet care and planning completed on a prepared schedule. Then, I will prepare some methods of follow-through and threaten everyone I know with harm if I am interrupted. The writing is the easy part. The scheduling and threatening, those are the challenges.

Ɛ|3  Amy