Hard Times

January 26, 2020

Things have not been going well. There is a phrase, Death By One Thousand Cuts, that aptly describes how sometimes life can just beat you down with a series of small inconveniences and problems, until you have a very hard time fighting back.


This week, I realized that I have been trying to split my attention between a working novel and chapters of a serial fiction that I intend to turn into a novel or series at intervals of correct length. I decided that, given how demanding my day job has become, I need to focus on one at a time. I am going to focus on completing the serial fiction first book, then I will serialize the next and the next until I have finished them all. I have dozens of books planned, and to do justice to any of them, I will need to do one at a time. I want to finish them all.


The next chapter of the Andran Company is late. Totally my fault. I have been drowning in work from the day job. It is almost ready, but rather than post an incomplete chapter, I am just going to have to let it wait until it is fully complete. I don’t want to ever release anything that I am not happy with, or anything that is not representative of the work I want to produce. It is coming soon.

Meanwhile, I have updated the Patreon page to reflect my new mindset and goal of serializing chapters for pre-publication before I release a book. Henceforth, anyone who signs up as a Patron, $1.00 or more, will be invited to send me feedback and notes, reader thoughts and opinions for edits to be done before the book is released. There will be only one tier of Patronage and only patrons will be asked for feedback on manuscripts.

Check it out!


Check out the new writing exercise, Character Development.

Most of us are comfortable writing characters that resemble the types of people that we are most familiar with. What about the myriad of other types of characters that might be needed to fill out a story and make a well-rounded, fictional world? Do you struggle with writing a different gender? How about someone with technical expertise different from your own? Trauma, PTSD, parent/child or other relational dynamics?

Every person is different. Even identical twins, raised together, will develop distinct personalities that define their world and how they interact with it based on their perceptions and interpretations of their experiences. Get to know your characters like you would any other person to help you write more engaging worlds.


Absolute Write is still down. I am really experiencing an isolation issue without that staple for me to visit and interact. I am not great with meaningful interactions in person but those forums are perfect for a relaxed and supportive outlet. I hope they are back up soon.
Personally, I have been experiencing serious imposter syndrome recently completely based off of the time demands of my work schedule. I have had no regular end of the work day and no weekend breaks during which to wrap myself in my writing. I have always felt that if one feels the calling to be a writer, there is no such thing as writer’s block or no time to write. Experiencing this complete lack of writing time, for me, translates into doubt of my ability and dedication to being a writer.

Part of me understands that this is due to forces out of my own control. I must keep an employer happy and perform the tasks for which I am paid. The job means that there will be times of extreme demand. Still, the thing that is important to me is writing. Being thoroughly exhausted by the thing that pays for me to live makes me depressed and very unhappy. I will have to draw the line somewhere. I must write or I will not be living the life I was born to have. I suppose this means that I am experiencing less “imposter syndrome” and more resentment of the excessive demands on my time and resources by an activity that is not fulfilling.

Two hours each day. That is my promise to myself. Two hours of nothing but writing, even if I have to disappoint someone to do it.

Ɛ|3  Amy