In Person Event, Swag Store, and More!

February 1, 2020

IMG_20200201_135337_875I was at The Bean Cafe this evening. I took samples of my WIP and the cover prototype. I gotta’ tell you, the coffee was incredible and the food is really tasty. If you ever get down to Bainbridge, GA, check out The Bean.

I started designing a little swag for folks. You can check it out at Teespring.



The Andran Company is the book I took samples of out into the world today. There are a few copies still in circulation. I am hoping to get some useful feedback in a few weeks. Today helped me come away with some good advice on the cover art and a few areas where I can tighten up the story and make it better. I am pleased with the way today’s first event went and i am hoping they will just get better as time passes.


The next installment of The Andran Company will be available to Patrons sometime tomorrow. I finally crawled out from under the avalanche of day job work and can focus on what I should really be doing again. Yay!


The next writing aid will probably be more of an editorial opinion piece. I am not sure. If there is writing advice or exercises that you would like to see here, drop me a line and let me know.

I will be adding the cute little alpha-butterfly logo to the home page tonight or tomorrow.

I am going to have to put some time into creating my alphabet/font that I will be using for all of my covers pretty soon. I have finally decided on the style of the font. I will be using the same lettering style that I used for that butterfly logo.


Absolute Write is still down. 😦     Twitter is covered in political upheaval, which is really bad for my peace of mind. Therefore, I am not really doing much on social media at the moment. If you haven’t yet, you can follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Just look for Ubriel Bryne. There is only one. 🙂
Personally, I am fasting tomorrow. No idea how long that will last, but I am hoping I can sustain it for a while. My health has been a problem for me for years. It is a direct result of the extra weight I carry around. There is a genetic component but mostly it is my diet. I am particularly sensitive to sugar, carbohydrates (even fiber) and anything from cow milk. Yes, I know, everyone thinks it is a matter of how much you eat. Everyone is wrong. It is a matter of what you eat. Check out the lectures and talks from Dr. Benjamin Bikman. He is brilliant. I will let you all know how it works out.

Ɛ|3 Amy

P.S. Here are a couple more pics from The Bean!