Birthday Season!

October 12–14, 2019

Happy birthday to my little girl! She is not so little anymore. She is old enough to drink and prefer spending her birthday with her friends. Yes, I am in fact heart-broken. But! I dropped off her gift this evening (the 12th) and it included a little stuffed Pillow Pet of a lady bug which is what she was (onesie and all) for her whole first year of life. I miss all my babies.

Blog Day Intro

I work too much for far too little money. I am tired and feel so far behind in everything. I am going to try to meet my eldest son’s challenge to find him a few really good books to read. One day, I will be handing him my own traditionally published page-turners. He is having a birthday in a couple of weeks. (Thus, birthday season.) The last nap we took together when he was little was more than fifteen years ago.

I worked for money for a few hours this weekend as well… paying bills and junk.

WIP Words Written

begin 120,624—end 124,671—total words 4,047

The scenes in my book are getting more complex. More story threads are converging. It takes longer to work them all into some kind of logical progression and bring it to a satisfying end. The characters all know what they want to achieve while they are on stage but my ability to direct them is taking more and more effort. I can’t seem to get uninterrupted writing time.

Patreon Content

I would very much like to be able to add more content there. But this is something that will only get attention if I can manage to get my schedule arranged so that my writing time isn’t always getting hijacked. Or, if I get patrons signed up, then I will have a monetary reason to prioritize this platform. And I want to. Let me make that clear. But as much an artist as I am, I am more a responsible adult. I have the responsibilities of myself and my husband and my dogs and my mortgage company to make my day job and my paycheck the top priority. An income based on my writing, of any amount will give that platform more weight than even the steady job. God help me see it so!

But I do have so many outlined ideas. I am going to try doing fifteen minute fictions as warm-ups for my writing sessions. Those will go on the patreon page each day.

AW Mingling

I think I may have managed to get into a small accountability and critiquing group through the AW. The two of us making up this group are hoping to incorporate a few others as time passes. At the moment, I am just tickled to have a partner. I really need a real writer to take a look at my best stuff and my worst stuff and tell me if I am right about my own writing. We, as artists, can always use some help getting past the imposter syndrome.


The winner of my Favorite Tweet of the Day (not a real contest TM):

   The White Tower: A Wheel of Time Podcast   @WhiteTowerPod
Sorry not sorry but if Robert Jordan creates a male/female energy centric universe where the fount of male power is a mountain and the female seat is a vagina shaped island in a lake then we’re ABSOLUTELY gonna do an allegorical deep dive As he would have WANTED

The Day Job

Ugh. There is just alot of it to do. It is going well, though. I talked to the client on Friday and ironed out some details of the work to be accomplished in this job. I have a clear goal for the job and a plan of attack to get it completed. It just takes all of the time that they are buying from me to get it done.

Ɛ|3  Amy