When the Flow of Words Slows

October 10, 2019

I am stuck slogging through what will be a pivotal scene and is really important but it is heavy with things that I don’t deal with in my own life too often. Getting there.

WIP Research

I have started putting together the map. I am working in the real world so it is mostly a matter of making sure I locate all my guys’ starting points and am able to logically track all of their evolutionary movements through the story without having two people who live too far apart go out for coffee. The big changes in the map won’t happen till the middle of the next book. But they will be doozies!

WIP Words Written (brainstorm counts)

begin 117,293—end 120,624—total 3,331 words

I absolutely hate that I feel like I am failing to follow through when the words I want aren’t readily available when I manage to carve out time to site down and put them on the page. I know it happens, you speed up and you slow down, but man… I just want to see it come together so badly.

AW Mingling

I am hoping to get a critique partnership going on AW soon. (Or rather, through AW.) I have alot of respect for many of the fabulous writers I have met there. I would like the opportunity to earn their respect in return.

The Day Job

I have a relatively easy assignment as a main focus this month. However, the side tasks that each editor is given have me about nose deep in flood waters. I am good at these tasks and I usually enjoy doing them. My problem right now is that I REALLY want to be working on my book. I am at the part that requires me to tie all of the loose threads together to make a cohesive and durable tapestry. I need to concentrate! Ugh… frustration. Paying my dues, right?

And my bills… definitely trying to pay those bills.

Ɛ|3  Amy