Laundry Day

October 6 and 7, 2019

I don’t know anyone who gets as excited about the idea of getting laundry done as I do. There is something about knowing that I have a bunch of clean clothes that smell good and are not covered in dog hair that I can put on at any time that I voluntarily decide to actually leave my house.

WIP Words Written

Beginning 104,901

I am feeling the pressure of being near the end of the process for the first book and I feel my mind protesting the action of finishing the book. I don’t think my mind wants to do revisions and cuts for the final draft before agent submissions. I think I am also having a subconscious issue with the idea that I will be trying to sell myself to some stranger who will then be trying to sell me to many thousands of strangers. It’s probably an introvert thing.

Ending   117293—12,392  words written

They were really good ones too. I got three critical scenes completed. They will end up being whittled down and polished of course but they really move the story. I was on such a role. I couldn’t sleep. If only I could get a straight 7 or 8 uninterrupted hours of writing time in every day.

Final Goal 90,000–100,000

It has become obvious to me that this book is going to go on for a while yet. It isn’t ready to be over. I will have to either find a middle spot at which to cleave it or I will have to whittle the details of the story down to fit the market expectation.

Reedsy cheatsheet

Patreon Content

I am going to start using some of my world building and fact research as patron only content on Patreon. I am still going to create the short stories and “flash fictions” that the patrons will receive, but I think having a key to the supply closet for my work is a pretty good incentive for anyone who would want to be my patron.

The Day Job

I have to go back to work in another hour or so. *le sigh* My poor Chromebook is so dead. I hate that I don’t really have access to writing on my breaks now. I am chafing at the loss of time that feels so much better spent when I am writing. But I have to pay some bills or the electricity that fuels the writing infrastructure will be taken from me. Here we go!

Ɛ|3  Amy