October 21, 2019

I am so stressed I am actually physically sick and exhausted, and the next few scenes I have to write will be leaving the comfort of the happy discoverers to follow the path of the sad and emotionally draining disenfranchised. My pillow is so soft.—5 am

I did it!—10 pm

WIP Words Written

begin 131,779—end 138,875—words written 7,096

The problem with talking about a work in progress is that you have to be vague so as not to tell the story while you are still writing it but you want to talk about it while you are having breakthroughs or stalls. Vaguery. You have to tell and not show. It is not what comes naturally to a writer, story-teller. So, today, I had intended to get the story out on the page in the most skeletal way. Just to push through. As it turned out, I got several uninterrupted hours of quiet and actually wrote it. In detail. All of the hard and terrifying stuff that I have been avoiding/procrastinating on. Its good. It’s hard but it’s good. I am exhausted.


The Day Job

I finally got that one giant side-task finished… sort of. It is done but I put it away to take a fresh look at it in the morning in case I missed something. Once I give it another once over, I will cut it loose.

I got my job for this month off to the proofreader and I got my stack of proofreading. That brings my list of outstanding side tasks down to effectively one. Man does it feel nice to have a light-weight in-box again. I don’t think I have ever let things sit there like that before.

Ahhh, now to take extra sinus meds and pass out. Good night, all!

Ɛ|3  Amy