Ugh, I’m Sick

October 18, 2019

Today is Friday. I was supposed to go to work. I woke up and intended to go to work. But then I realized I was on death’s door and getting to work would not be possible from here.

WIP Words Written

None. I’m sick. I slept for a long long long long time.

Patreon Content

This I did. It takes less brain power to write shorter, self-contained stories. The serial story of the Andran Company consists of individual story arcs with less intrigue in the overall plot. This makes it easier for my brain to whip out the story without having to cross-reference all the rest of the story. I made a binary star system for this story to live in. That is going to help set up some nice imagery for my characters to interact with.

3,149 words and the first part of The Andran Company; the Adventures of Sol and Lu is up and available to Patrons at my Patreon.

AW Mingling

I didn’t. I’m sick.


I saw that there was a new casting announcement for the Wheel of Time TV on Amazon Prime. This is a little disturbing. The character, Laila Aybara, is not from the books. One theory is that she will be Perrin’s first wife. … What? The three boys are all the same age and one of them is preparing to release a badger on the field during a festival so he can see the girls scream. And they have one of them married? I am not entirely sure that this is a good idea.

The racial features of the two characters effected, Perrin and Laila, do not make genetic sense for them to be siblings, or maybe not even cousins, so… I dunno. But the press release announcing these casting choices appear to have been removed from the Internet. I guess we will see.


I asked a few subs to tell me if one of the characters in my WIP is cringy or offensive. I got a little feedback and most of it seems to be that it seems stereotypical but not necessarily offensive. I can live with that.

The Day Job

I can’t. I’m sick. I will get my job for the month prepped for a proofreader on Sunday probably. I have to take time to actually sleep and get better or I will end up useless to the world for months. This is a good time to do some of the side tasks. They don’t require the same amount of brain power.

Ɛ|3  Amy